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Expert wedding planner talks

What do you want to know about how our brides and grooms feel about our organization of their wedding ? Let me tell you a little bit about Gerta and Michael and their beach wedding.

For their wedding ceremony it was mandatory to have a look on the famous Table Mountain in CapeTown, so we choose the nice and quiet beach Deerdesteen at BigBay.

It was a windy day, but that meant also that the Table Mountain was in full view, no clouds and an absolute stunning blue colored sky above it.

What made the hair of the bride stay so safely ? There was a very good hairdresser at work, who knew in the morning that is was windy. So she gave all her efforts to have the hairstyling wind-secured.

The bride told us she could not stand for the entire wedding ceremony, so we brought chairs to the beach and decorated them nicely.

The best marriage officer was engaged, so the wedding ceremony was very open and a laughing one. But without loosing the earnesty of this official legal wedding we wanted to realize.

Together with a team that all showed the most empathy for their relative work, this was what made the spouses feel perfectly well and at ease. Teamwork, laughter, open minds and lots of happiness is what makes a wedding also for the couple so much more enjoyable.

A very cute detail were the stones, for which I had looked at the beach before. I brought waterproofed pencils to write their personal wishes on them. Then we wandered to the waters edge to throw them into the ocean. So that their wishes will come true.

Another special moment was when a bride-duck and a groom-duck – brought from Germany by relatives of the spouses – were also set into the water to learn swimming in the Atlantic waves. This symbolized a very nice link to their home country and was very important for Gerta and Michael.

Lots of little details that make an event to look so perfectly organized. And when bride and groom are happy on their wedding day and tells us that, we are the most happiest wedding planners in this world.

Happy beachgreetings from CapeTown, Britta

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